Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aku dah ader kat depanlaaa!!`

he he tadi aku cek blog nih melalui keyword "belajar seo" fuuiyo blog ini dah berada di depan
tengok kat bawah niih CARTA
tapi yang sedihnya biler aku cek lagik sekali peerrrg turun 5 anak tangga dari carta blog
belajar seo sedih siuut tapi takper aku cuba lagi banyakkan backlink..
dan terus belajar seo niih cuma yang pelik dan power blog seo indon tuhlah tak pernah berubah dari carta top tue aper rahsia dier agaknyer yeer??

Monday, June 23, 2008

Belajar SEO dengan Tag dan Ping

Korang bacalah article ni kalo nak benar
How to Use Simple Tag and Ping Marketing Techniques

It is just one more marketing tool professional online marketers
are using to give their site or sites a competitive edge over
their competition. It will help put your site on the Internet
map and if done right, Tag and Ping will deliver plenty of
very targeted traffic to your sales pages. It will boost
your rankings and increase your sales.

Tag and Ping is one of those simple, yet relatively unknown
marketing techniques savvy Internet Marketers have been using
and trying to keep quiet for years. To truly understand how Tag
and Ping works, you will have to know some basic background
information on keywords, blogging, tags, and how all these
can work in sync to deliver traffic, links and sales to your site.

What are Blogs?

Most web users will know a blog is an online journal where bloggers
post their daily or hourly entries (their opinions, views, info, links)
on any subject that interests them. The most popular blogging systems
are Blogger.com (owned by Google) Bloglines (owned by Ask Jeeves),
LiveJournal, and many professional marketers use the free WordPress
software which they can host on their own websites.

Each blog has its own RSS feed -- RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication
although its original acronym stood for Rich Site Summary. These
RSS feeds broadcasts the information in the blog posts to all
concerned parties -- those who have subscribed and use an RSS reader
or aggregator to view the posts. Or more commonly, they use the FireFox browser,
Google Desktop, or MyYahoo to access their favorite RSS feeds.
The next version of Windows will have RSS embedded into its operating

What are Tags?

Tags are really another name for keywords. Most surfers will know
keywords are the exact words Internet users type into search engines
to find what they're looking on the world wide web. Tags work in the
same way and are a form of social bookmarking, a way of classifying
and accessing all that content in all those countless blogs.

Many major blogging directories such as Technorati use tags to
serve up the information to its patrons. One simple technique
to create a tag in Technocrati:

<*a href="http://technorati.com/tag/Laptops" rel="tag">Laptops<*/a>
(remove asterisks in actual code)

Or if your blogging software supports categories; this will
be recognized by Technorati as a tag.

What the heck is a Ping?

A ping is a simple way to notify the different search engines to let
them know that your blog has been updated. You call up or ping your
blog post.

You bookmark or place an entry in any one of the countless blogging
sites such as Technorati, Furl, del.icio.us, Blinklist, Flickr ---
you go to these sites and click your blog or tag to inform them
you have updated your blog. Many blogging systems will automatically
ping your blog updates.

Or you can do this manually, for example Technorati's ping form
is here: http://www.technorati.com/ping

Simple Way to Ping

If this is still confusing to you, one simple way to ping your
tags/blogs is to use a site like: http://pingomatic.com/

and it will automatically ping your blog in many of the most
popular blogging services.

Enter The Online Professional Marketers and It All Hits the Fan

Of course, online marketers have long discovered that the whole
blogging system -- blogs, rss, tags, pinging -- is an excellent
marketing vehicle. One great marketing system delivering
targeted traffic to their products and services.

It really is a corruption or commercialization of blogging
and this surely wasn't the idea the original designers of
blogs had in mind. But the whole blogging system is
so lucrative, many professional marketers (the author is pleading
the fifth!) are using blogging systems like WordPress
to create mainly marketing sites that may have little resemblance
to a real blog. It just uses the backbone structure of
blogs, RSS, Tags to give their sites a slight competitive
edge in a very competitive world.

As we saw with the 'comment spam' there is a great
likelihood that Tag and Ping will be misused and further
antagonize the blogging purists. So if you are going to use
Tag and Ping make sure you're creating valuable, usable content
-- then most sites will want to link to your site anyway. Content is
still king no matter what tricks the professional
marketers want to use. Always will be!

Using a Simple Tag and Ping Marketing Technique With Technorati

To explain further the whole idea of Tag and Ping. Lets just
walk through a marketing system you can quickly create using
Technorati, one of the most popular blogging services.

First, sign your blog up with Technorati. This is quite a
simple procedure. Just upload a photo, doesn't have to be of
you -- your site's logo will do. Register your profile with
your 20 or so tags relating to your blog. Make sure these
are keywords you're marketing with your blog. Then you have to
place the Technorati code on your blog for a link back.

Next, you must understand that Technorati creates a landing page
for each tag in their system. This page is made up of
four parts:

- Flickr Photos

- Recent blog posts tagged with that keyword or phrase

- Who’s Blogging About sidebar which links to any profiles of blogs

that those same keywords or phrase in their profile

- Links from Furl for the same tag

So to take full advantage and to use this marketing technique you
have to sign up with both Flickr and Furl. Your aim is to get
your links in all four spots on this Technorati landing page
for your tag or keyword.

When signing up for Flickr, many marketers use their site's name
for their Flickr username, just use a dash instead of a dot in
your site's url. You can use a photo of the product they're promoting
to get a link from Flickr in the top spot on the landing
page. Pick your tags and description for the product.

Set up a Furl account and download the Toolbar , bookmark a few
sites to get the hang of how its done.

Now You're Really To Put Everything Together To Tag and Ping

1- You can start with the Flickr photos at top of the Technorati page.

Just post a photo or cover image into your Flickr account,
making sure you tag it and use a catchy headline in your description.
Link it to your landing or affiliate page url. Example:

Don't buy another
marketing tool until your check out this site.

2 - Next, make the first of your blog posts on your particular subject
or product to your blog, making sure you tag it with your keywords and
then ping Technorati. Make all your posts good content, reviews,
product information or free downloads. Your entry will appear on the top of the
list for that tag shortly in Technorati.

3 - Furl your blog post and your landing/affiliate page with your tags
to make sure your entry/post is listed the bottom section of the
Technorati page for your tag.

To work this system, add another blog post every few hours, Tag and
Ping, plus Furl your posts. For better results you can sign up for countless
other social bookmarking sites and bookmark your pages. Here are just a
few good ones: del.icio.us, blinklist, moreover, icerocket, weblogs...

Flickr, Blog, Tag, Ping, Furl

This is just one Tag and Ping method, professional marketers have
countless systems and sites working many variations on this relative new
marketing technique. But the information given above should get you started
on your own Tag and Ping marketing system.

Remember, blogging and RSS are the wave of the future, make sure you're
geared up to take advantage of all they have to offer. You must
have at least one blog on your site. Use WordPress if you
can -- Blogger will do in a pinch!

Just make sure you're using some Ping and Tag marketing techniques
to harvest all those links, traffic and sales for your site.
This is one marketing technique you should now be using. Just
remember to Flickr, Blog, Tag, Ping, Furl - Rinse and Repeat!

Article ni di ambil dari ezine articles.com dan sesuai untuk http://www.technorati.com/tag/belajar+seo" rel="tag">belajar seo

Dah masuk dalam search engine ker?

Korang dah cek belum blog dah masuk belum ko punyer blog kat search engine google nih meh aku cuba blog ni , ok taip url kat search box pastu tengok dah der belum ok ni result kat google dah masuk dah ...
ok kejap lagik kiter teruskan dgn pelajaran seterunya ok......... aku nak pegi makan jap

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Belajar SEO untok submit ke Engine Carian dan web directory

Banyak jenis engine carian kalo kite google kat google.com tapi mula2 antar lah kat sini:
Google Analytics
Add your URL to Google
Yahoo! Submit Your Site
Live Search URL Submission

Senarai blog direktori yang mempunyai PR google yang tinggi, mungkin anda boleh gunakan menghantar blog anda ke direktori tersebut.
  • 9rules Network - http://9rules.com/

    Blogging network containing content from independent authors.

  • Blogwise - http://www.blogwise.com/

    A directory of blogs, grouped by keyword and country. Intends to be a guide to blogs around the world.

  • blo.gs - http://blo.gs/

    Provides update notification via the web, email, and instant messenger.

  • Library Weblogs - http://www.libdex.com/weblogs.html

    Directory categorized by geographic location, compiled by Peter Scott.

  • Popdex - http://www.popdex.com/

    Crawls over ten thousand news and blog sites daily. Ranks and updates the top links hourly.

  • Blogging Ecosystem - http://www.myelin.co.nz/ecosystem/

    Regularly updated link-based ranking of a number of weblogs and related sites.

  • Blog Flux - http://www.blogflux.com/

    Weblog directory plus a button maker, Google PageRank checker, and a pinging service.

  • BlogStreet - http://www.blogstreet.com/

    Blog profiles, RSS ecosystem, blog “tops”, search and directory.

  • Globe of Blogs - http://www.globeofblogs.com/

    An index of weblogs as submitted by their authors.

  • Photoblogs.org - http://photoblogs.org

    A directory of photo-centric weblogs.

  • Eatonweb Portal - http://portal.eatonweb.com/

    Searchable directory of blogs which are initially grouped by category, language and country.

  • Blog Search Engine - http://www.blogsearchengine.com/

    Search engine and directory listings of blogs and blogging tools.

  • LS Blogs - http://www.lsblogs.com/

    Directory of blogging-related sites: forums, directories and search engines, software and hosts, and blogs.

  • Diarist.net: Registry - http://www.diarist.net/registry/

    Directory of journals, diaries, and personal weblogs.

  • BlogHop - http://www.bloghop.com/

    Weblog portal. View by rating or freshness. Searchable and grouped by categories.

  • Bloogz - http://www.bloogz.com/

    Search for blogs by typing in a keyword. You can choose from five languages.

  • Blog Universe - http://www.bloguniverse.com/

    Directory of blogs as submitted and categorized by the blog owners.

  • Bloginality - http://bloginality.love-productions.com/

    Weblogger personality types based on Myers-Briggs.

  • What She Said! - http://whatshesaid.the-goddess.org/

    Directory of political blogs written by women.

  • Weblogs, Inc. - http://weblogsinc.com

Hah amacam panjang tak list blog directoty niih
hehe he list nia aku dapat dari blog rahsia blogger dari shut
dah siap ? belum? hai buat lahhh

Jom Buat Back Link untuk Belajar seo

Buat backlink boleh menaikkan ranking kiter ker? is is is aku memang terus terang malas giler nak buat baclink lagi2 buat coment kat blog org lain yang semestinya kener ader pagerank terbaik oleh google tapi disebabkan kiter tengah belajar seo so jom buat sama2 ok...

Mula2 kiter buat backlink kat site2 yang ader pgrank terbaik:

1. Propeller.com (PR8)
2. Digg.com (PR8)
3. Reddit.com (PR7)
4. Newsvine.com (PR7)
5. Shoutwire.com (PR7)
6. Slashdot.org (PR9)
Banyak lagi site yang ader pg rank tinggi buatlah komen dan letak url kat saner supaya cepat skit search engine mengcrwl blog kite pandailah cari pgrank 4 keatas dan buat pos jg buat spam komen .

Biler dah siap submit pada site kat atas tuh jom kiter buat website ala2 sosial networking macam frienster,myspace,twitter,facebook,hi5 dan sebagainya pastu add lah rakan 2 sebanyak mungkin ha hah aper lagik buat lahhh!!!Aku plak macam malas nak buat tuuh

Back2link memang kene banyak buat dalam 100-200 sehari ok nak belajar seo memang kene rajin beb aku memmang malas nak buat niih korg buat laah kalo rajin he he

Pastu letaklah kod http://feedjit.com/ untuk trace visitor ok
ok nie tugasan ari niih besok kiter sambung lagiik teknik belajar seo yang lebih memboringkan ha ha:)

Langkah pertama Meta tag Belajar SEO

Ini adalah langkah pertama untuk blog belajar SEO yang aku buat iaitu mengmetatagkan blog.Adakah metatag masih releven ? entah... mungkin kot masih relevent agaknye...jadi sama-samalah kita mengmetatakan ok sebab mengikut aper yang aku tahu google akan membaca blog kite melalui aper yang dimetatagkan ...ahhh lantak lah
Mula2 aku meng metatagkan blog ini...

korang letaklah aper2 description yang boleh mengaitkan apa-apa yang kene mengene dengan belajar CEO eh SEO ok cam aku buat macam nih

Description: Blog yang membongkar cara belajar SEO dengan mudah dan dengan panduan belajar seo ini akan lebih memudahkan kita belajar seo dengan cepat dan pantas.

Keyword:belajar seo,panduanseo,belajarseo,belajar mengseo, technic seo,seo belajar

kalo boleh description dan keyword itu mesti ader keyword kita iaitu belajar SEO , buat lah pengulangan dam 2 atau 3 kali kalo letak levih2 takut di cap sebagai spm blog plak.

letakkan metatag anda di bwah < head >

Ok dah siap lum! dah? kalo dah siap kita sambung esok ok

Friday, June 20, 2008

Belajar SEO

Salam semuaa

Maka bermulaa lah cabaran belajar SEO peringkat kebangsaan yang diwakil olej para bloger yang mengejar hadiah Utama RM100 so pada saper yang nak hadiah bolehlah melawat forum wangcyber.com ni .Oleh itu aku adalah dikalangan mereka yang nak hadiah tu hehehe.... korang boleh lah pergi sini http://www.wangcyber.com/forum/cabar...-new-post.html

Belajar SEO memang penting untuk mencapai high ranking kat search engine lebih-lebih lagi google.com kalo tak betul2 fokus jgn haraplah nak duduk kat atas tuhh .....

Kalo korang meniaga kat internet nie atau masuk aper2 program atau buat adsense ker sememangnya ilmu belajar SEO adalah perkara utama yang perlu ader kalo tak camaner nak buat income yer tak>?

Jadi dengan rase bangge aku akan bongkarkan aper yang aku buat untuk menaikkan rangking blog ini (cehh1 macam expert jeer aku niih) dari setat hari nih sampai akhir pertandingan belajar SEO ini . ok..